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Gemma Ramos Burchés

Gemma Ramos Burchés, I was born in Valencia-Spain, since I was little I have had around me, being part of my life, some canine companion, Ratoneros Valencianos, Spanish Mastiff, Rottweiler and Spanish Greyhound have lived with us at home, in addition to several more companions who were picked up.
I took courses in Veterinary Clinic Assistant, Dog Groomer, Dog Training, and also on genetics in breeding, all thinking about my purpose of learning more about dogs and being able to help me in the breeding, improvement and conservation of the breeds that I breed.
I have been actively working for Spanish breeds since I was appointed RSCE judge in 2000, especially with the Spanish Greyhounds and the Ratonero Valenciano, where I was part of the breed clubs on several occasions.
Although my hobby is the dogs in general, all breeds, it is group X and the Spanish Breeds where I have focused the most. I am currently an FCI International Judge.
I am a breeder of Spanish Greyhound and Valencian Ratonero, for more than 23 years, champions from several European countries have been born at home, as well as some World Winners, although my greatest reward continues to be that my dogs are healthy, living happily with their human companions and also maintain the typical characters of their breed.


Yves-Emmanuel VILANOVA

I bought my first whippet bitch when I was a teenager in 1976, at a dog market. As it happened, the following week, I met some people and went to the local dog track run by the local sighthound racing club, and discovered that I had acquired a puppy that had a pedigree and correct bloodlines.
My hobbies at that point were ornithology and aviculture and this is how my love affair with whippets and sighthounds started and has endured for more than 46 years now.
In 1978, my first whippet litter was born under name « des Coursiers de Shanghai ». My five first litters were racing oriented, with good results, finalists at the French and European Championships, winner of the « Coupe de France », and a number of track records at the time. During that period, I became member of the French Whippet Club and discovered the world of shows. In the early 80’s I started to breed more for showing.
At the end of 1987, I became a commitee member of the French Whippet Club and subsequently became Vice-President en 1989 for the next eight years. In 1993 I became qualified as a whippet judge and in 1996 qualified for the Italien Greyhounds.
I had the pleasure of breeding 18 whippet litters, and considering that I did not breed a lot, I exported puppies to Spain and Italy and various « Coursiers de Shanghai » dogs became French, International, Spanish and Portuguese Champions, as well as recommended by the French Whippet Club and Elite producers.
But unfortunately, I had to juggle my professional life, witch was becoming busier with more travelling involved, and my breeding and showing activities had to be reduced in a first time, then I decided to put my judging and judging extensions for other breeds on hold.
Currently, having been able to stop working early, I became President of my local kennel Club for 9 years and I can now enjoy my passion and accept judging invitations. I am now qualified to judge the FCI Group 10, French Bouledogue, American Staffordshire terriers, Podenco, Podengo, Pharaon and Cirneco. I had the pleasure of judging various Specilaties and championships in France as well as in 12 European countries, not forgetting Whippets bitches at the World Show 2011 in Paris.
I have still a whippet by my side but as a judge I decided to stop showing .
Born in Algeria with Spanish roots, I was soon very interested by the mediterranean breeds. I met for the first time Azawakhs before the recognation of the breed when they were called « Touareg Hounds » just imported from Africa, and Sloughis are dogs from my native country. Travelling in Poland I had the opportunity to visit Malgorzata and Izabella Szmurlo the two women who rebuilt the Chart-Polski breed and wrote the sandard. So it is very easy to understand how happy I am to come to Sweden to judge these amazing breeds.